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Lake Chapala? What it this place and where is it?











What do you think of this picture above?

Pretty nice, right? Why don’t you take a guess at where it was taken from? Spain? Greece? Some exotic country in Europe? Well.. nope.. this is Mexico. To be precise, it was taken at Lake Chapala.

Let me show you another picture actually!

So, now that we’ve established this is unarguably a wonderful and beautiful place.. let’s talk about it!

Lake Chapala is Mexico’s largest freshwater lake. Now.. don’t be put off when I say “lake” because this place is actually insanely gorgeous. I was lucky enough to take my girlfriend here for a weekend and boy was she impressed. Not many people would think about taking their spouse or partner to a place like this (after all, there are so many “better” alternatives such as Spain, etc) but this place is actually extremely satisfying – considering how cheap it actually is!

The lake consists of two fairly medium sized islands (and there’s even a 3rd one if you venture in deep enough and you’re in the mood for a small adventure).

In 2007, the water pollution in the area was devastating. Tourism did drop, but over the last few years its been rapidly increasing again. Although there really isn’t much to do here (there are no water sports!), the scenery is extremely incredible and this is heaven for bird lovers. My girlfriend actually happens to love birds (hence why I picked this locationĀ in the first place).

The lake and surrounding areas are a critical and important/common habitat for many birds – such as the American white pelican (which is a stunning bird!). The lake is also home to hundreds and thousands of indigenous animals/plants and to be honest – the birds I’ve seen here are some of the most strangest I’ve ever seen. In 2007 alone, over 200 different species of birds were identified and recorded from being from Lake Chapala.

I’ll be honest. This place isn’t going to be ideal for party lovers who love getting drunk and partying all night – but this place is absolutely perfect for those who just want a quiet, peaceful time to come to terms and appreciate the true beauty of nature around them.